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Karl Brooks

Karl Brooks
Karl Brooks
Role at No.77
About Me
Moved to No.77 after working elsewhere. It was the best move I could have made and I have gained a lot of knowledge here from some incredible and diverse stylists with their own individual techniques. Looking forward to putting my own stamp on what I have learnt!
What I do outside No. 77
Love football, whether watching it in the pub with friends or playing on a Sunday and Monday. Enjoy socialising and having a good drink with friends and family and like to host a few poker nights here and there.
Hairdressing icon and why
So many to choose from but having read Vidal Sassoon's biography, he has to be number one. His determination, creativity and unique style is inspiring and the everlasting mark that he has created within the industry drives me to be the best I can be...hopefully as good as Vidal himself.
Favourite drink
Jack Daniels on the rocks.
Favourite Film
Again, far to many too choose from...anything with Will Ferrell - Anchorman, Blades of Glory, Old School, or Denzel - Man on Fire, The Bone Collector and anything directed by Quentin Tarrantino.
Guilty Pleasure
X-factor/BGT and a huge takeaway on a Saturday night!
To have a successful career and live a happy life, making a mark in the industry and hopefully one day have my own chain of salons.